Our Mission

To create economic value by reducing waste...with integrity and transparency.

What We Do

UsedCardboardBoxes (UCB) and UCBZeroWaste (UCBZW) designs, implements and manages large-scale waste reduction programs that get major US companies to Zero Waste to Landfill at no out-of-pocket cost. Founded in 2006, UCB is now the largest buyer/seller of USED gaylord totes, produce bins and shipping boxes in North America. UCB's proven methodology incorporates return, reuse, resale, recycling and waste-to-energy (WTE)...all managed/reported in real-time, via our proprietary software, called: WATER (Waste Analytics and Tracking for Environmental Reporting) tracks all commodities (including organics), down to individual SKUs, at each location, providing comprehensive and historic data for real-time analysis and continuous improvement.

How We Do It

We buy used gaylords, produce totes, shipping boxes and other commodities, for more than recycling rates. The items most likely to be returned, reused or resold are the gaylord totes, produce bins, shipping boxes, pallets, supersacks, barrels & drums our clients receive/unpack from vendors (often carrying bulk food/ingredients, plastic bottles/caps and other high volume items). UCB can pay more than any recycler, because we don't recycle or export these items. We RETURN, REUSE or RESELL them as is, right here in the US. They mainly go to major retailers for distribution and reverse logistics. Many of the used shipping boxes are made into eco-friendly moving kits, sold online and delivered to any residential address in 3 business days with free shipping. Most boxes are sold via tractor trailer, to large retailers as a low-cost way to distribute products out to stores. As a closed-loop sustainability program, totes, barrels, drums and boxes can be sorted, inspected and returned back to the original vendor that purchased them (much like pallet programs) at significant savings.

Why We Do It

By paying UCB suppliers more than recycling rates and charging UCB customers less than new packaging, we reduce environmental impact, employ people in the US and make a profit! UCB's model is a win/win/win/win/win!