• We are working very closely with all our employees to make sure that any employee who may be feeling sick does not come to work.

  • According to research that has been done, the coronavirus (COVID-19, also known as SARS-CoV-2) only can live on porous and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours.

  • The virus cannot be transmitted from UCB boxes as they sit for longer than 24 hours as we use the FIFO method for shipping our kits, which means that the first kits that were created are the first ones being shipped out.

  • A FedEx driver handling the boxes (or anyone's boxes) could spread coronavirus. So can any person who is infected and touches any item (groceries, food, surfaces, etc.) that is picked up by someone else could possibly transmit the disease. That's why it is recommended so strongly that everyone wash their hands carefully and often.

  • We have had no reports of anyone becoming ill with coronavirus (or anything else) after receiving UCB moving kits, and we literally send out thousands of boxes every day.

  • If you are concerned about our products having the coronavirus when you purchase them, when you receive them, I would simply place them in your garage or foyer and leave them there for the day and within that time span, the virus on the surface would die.


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