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fast and accountable. and inexpensive.

- Order #311829 

Prompt delivery. Good boxes. Great business idea.

- Order #311855 

Easy, cheap, high quality, and very fast delivery.

- Order #311859 

beautiful packaging and speedy delivery

- Order #311835 

Fast, easy, reasonable price

- Order #311929 

fast, easy

- Order #311565 

Easy website to use, good prices, fast delivery.

- Order #311936 

I like the idea a lot, used boxes. The delivery was very fast and I appreciated the e-mail conformation survey request.

- Order #311943 

Good product delivered as stated I will be ording more.

- Order #311957 

Very convenient and boxes arrived on time. When I had a question regarding the arrival time, your representative was friendly and professional. The items contained in the boxes were accurate and neatly packaged.

- Order #311965 

Swift delivery, price and box quality.

- Order #311987 

provided exactly what I requested in a timely fashion with quality products. Any thoughts about partnering with moving companies to provide that critical service to clients for a one stop experience?

- Order #312001 

Moving is such a stressful time in our lives and You (used cardboard boxes) made it so much easier to not worry about finding boxes and wasting time and gas to say the least. Thank you for making my life easier!!!!

- Order #311685 

Quick turnaround for delivery, boxes are in great condition, overall process was very easy.

- Order #312051 

Cheap price, but GREAT quality of used boxes. Variety of types was also a huge plus!

- Order #312080 

Simple, fast service. And fair prices.

- Order #312119 

The quick response and the quality of your boxes. I like the idea that you use new boxes for the kitchen.

- Order #312176 

Good value and quick delivery.

- Order #312201 

The cardboard boxes are reused but in good condition and shipped regionally. They arrived quickly and with no issues.

- Order #312217 

Quick service, quality boxes

- Order #312222 

The boxes I recieved were almost perfect. there were no tears or holes and they were exactly what I asked for. Also this is the cheapest pricing I have found for my budget. Thank you so much for helping me move!

- Order #312229 

less expensive and a chance to recycle

- Order #312280 

Good reputation, my Dad used you in the past.

- Order #312294 

The boxes were clean (free of tape, writing) and came very quickly.

- Order #311802 

the boxes were priced right and they arrived promptly and in a complete order

- Order #312325 

easy ordering process, on-time delivery, eco-friendly model, user-friendly website

- Order #310745 

Quick free delivery, good quality boxes.

- Order #312359 

Boxes arrived on time and they are in great condition! Much easier process than going to the store and lugging them home (or going dumpster diving)! I've already recommended your company to other people who are in the process of moving.

- Order #312381 

Fast delivery. boxes in great condition, easy, no problems, A++!

- Order #311870 (17)

Free delivery

- Order #312257 (17)

Recycled and also personally followed up on an order snag.

- Order #312304 (17)

Product; price; speed of delivery

- Order #312384 (17)

turn around time is awesome and the boxes are like brand new in most all cases.

- Order #312410 (17)

quick shipping. Boxes were here before the weekend so i could pack.

- Order #312416 (17)

Good value, promt delivery

- Order #312422 (17)

Neatly packaged boxes in great shape.

- Order #312448 

Quick delivery and boxes in perfect shape.

- Order #312456 

Products have been used and can be used again. The price is right and it was deliverd quickly.

- Order #312471 

all boxes were good and arrived the day after we ordered them

- Order #312482 

Quick service and great used boxes

- Order #312505 

UCB shipped the boxes I ordered in a timely manner; they arrived in good shape and I bought them at a fair price.

- Order #312322 

I have used you guys twice for 2 different moves. Getting moving supplies was the easiest thing about moving!

- Order #312474 

prompt delivery

- Order #312502 

what was promised was delivered

- Order #312507 

This is the second time I've used your service. I think it's just great - really simplifies the process very affordably and with the convenience of home delivery.

- Order #312530 

quality and price of boxes

- Order #312547 

Simple, quick, reasonable cost, quality

- Order #310290 

Everything reasonable and as stated.

- Order #312566 

It's a sensible service. I recommended you to my roommate before even ordering myself. We have both acquired boxes for our upcoming moves.

- Order #312578 

Came quickly, good prices, quality products, easy website, feel good about helping the environment

- Order #312640 

Fast, efficient, and you offer what you promise as you promise it. Great business, thanks.

- Order #312658 

Fast delivery, good quality boxes

- Order #312663 

UsedCardboardboxes.com is the best! We are a public charter school in Washington, DC, and will be relocating to a brand new location in a month!! You offer the best quality boxes and the lowest price. Also, we strive to be a green school wherever possible, and buying "used" cardboard shows the kids in our school that we are doing whatever we can to save the Earth!

- Order #312674 

Offered affordable boxes quick, easy, and without having to pick anything up. Site is well designed and easy to navigate with a side menu and no bothersome pop-ups or animations; I do wish the pictures of the box sizes gave a picture of the box assembled to get a better idea of size and shape but the demensions are listed. Boxes arrived neatley packed in a bigger box so no bundles with string and loose boxes floating around you can easily pull one or more boxes from the bigger box as you need them. The total price was easy to calculate without having to factor in shipping and the boxes arrived very quickly. Though I did not need to use the moving tips provided it was nice to have the option for any people new to moving. A great site a great product and hey recycling feels nice too.

- Order #312620 

rapid delivery, good quality boxes, excellent concept

- Order #312629 

The price was great, the boxes arrived really quickly and I like that you sell the Moving Kits - I didn't have to think a lot about what I needed.

- Order #312698 

Fast, easy shipping. Your company helped to ease the hassle of my move last year which is why I purchased boxes from you again this year.

- Order #312699 

I received exactly what I ordered, the boxes arrived promptly, there was plenty of tape and wrapping paper in with the boxes, and I just think you are a great company.

- Order #312711 

Boxes arrived quickly, were in great shape (my husband was conerned we'd get awful "ready for the trash" boxes) and were much more affordable than new boxes.

- Order #312716 

Fast and nice boxes

- Order #312725 

This is my second (or third?) time using your service, and everything has always gone smoothly.

- Order #312728 

The boxes were delivered very quickly - the next day!

- Order #312634 

exactly what i needed for a move and they were delivered fast

- Order #312653 

easy transaction, fast delivery

- Order #312751 

fast delivery, great price

- Order #312736 

Very impressed with the concept, helping the environment, recycling already used goods - it is all good in my book. Service was efficient and timely - The website was easy to navigate around.

- Order #312806 

easy to order, expedient delivery, good quality

- Order #310857 

Fast delivery, great boxes!

- Order #312687 

Great price, fast service and boxes that were in good condition for use

- Order #312766 

Environment friendly, quick shipping, reasonable price, high quality boxes.

- Order #312825 

fast, inexpensive service:)

- Order #312829 


- Order #312854 

speedy delivery of moving materials!

- Order #312848 

Quality, delivery time was excellent, variety of boxes and supplies you can get on the website accomodated all moving needs. Very happy with purchase.

- Order #312869 

I have used them twice, and the quality of the boxes is great. And they knew the size selection I needed in the Studio package. Better than my picking out things individually. The boxes were also able to be delivered both times to buildings in NYC that doesn't have a doorman. I'm not sure how they were able to get the UPS guy inside, but it worked. And I didn't have to go to the local UPS office on foot (no car, you see) to pick them up. The boxes are all similar of the same size... easy to stack. Easy for my movers. My movers commented that the packing job I did this week for them was the best they have seen yet.

- Order #312926 

Next day prompt delivery. Great boxes...we don't own a car so it was difficult for us to obtain things for moving. So, it was well worth it. The boxes we recieved were in great shape & better quality than I may have found on my own.

- Order #312931 

Very quick and efficient service-boxes came to our home just a few days after order was placed. Boxes are barely used, and in perfect condition for us to begin packing up our apartment. Also liked the feature where I was able to choose the kit size by # of bedrooms. Helped me to figure out how many boxes I would really need. Thanks!

- Order #312945 

At first, I was skeptical of its all-online approach, wary of a scam. But after I found videos on YouTube from news stations, and after I read the Wall Street Journal article, I was sold. Not only was it relatively cheap (not cheaper than free, if you find your own boxes), it was extremely convenient. Moreover, my conscience could rest easy, knowing that I was reusing boxes. All around, it was great. My only reservation in recommending would be making sure that my friend has money to spare. But it certainly was worth it to me for the time and sanity that I saved. It also helped me to avoid getting disgusting boxes.

- Order #312604 

I hate buying new boxes, but it is often the only thing I can do when I move. The fact that you deliver used boxes, tape, packing paper and a box cutter to my door within two days is amazing! Using Usedcardboardboxes.com made my move a lot easier! Thank you!

- Order #312878 

Offers the lowest price for what I need.

- Order #312905 

awesome, quick and friendly to the environment!

- Order #312973 

High quality product at an afordable price

- Order #312993 

Good price, fast delivery, good quality product.

- Order #312995 

Easy to order, quick, free shipping, good quality

- Order #312724 

UsedCardboardBoxes.com had the best package of moving supplies at the most affordable cost when I compared with other companies. Additionally, my order shipped very quickly and at no additional cost. Overall I am very satisfied with my order.

- Order #313027 

Cartons are strong and in excellent condition. I like the fact that you include packing tape, markers and packing paper. Shipping was very quick--2 business days.

- Order #313029 

Not only was the price right but when I had an issue with UPS delivering to the wrong address, they assured me that they would not have left me stuck without boxes and a moving company scheduled. Great piece of mind!

- Order #313089 

fast shipping, cheaper than other company

- Order #313119 

Fast & good quality

- Order #312857 

Great prices, fast delivery, free delivery, package options

- Order #313092 

Nice product, fast deliery, ease of ordering on line.

- Order #313133 


- Order #313153 

Very simple to pick the number of boxes I needed, which were then shipped (and arrived!) very quickly. They were well packed with everything in the order there and easy to find. Boxes are in good condition and I can see using them for subsequent moves as well. Overall, the kind of business experience one wishes were more common. :)

- Order #313165 

Fast service, good quality, and everything was as advertized.

- Order #313180 

Quality product, great price, fast shipping, environmentally friendly.

- Order #313093 

Everything. The boxes were in great shape, cheap, and arrived quickly. Also the whole package that included the tape and paper and marker, what a great idea. I will use this every time I can.

- Order #313140 

using recyled boxes

- Order #313183 

We received what we ordered, in the condition it was expected to be in , in the time limit it was to be here , and at the agreed upon price. If that does't satisfy someone, then you are fighting a lost cause and will just have to somehow try and appease them , although at this point I feel as this will be a moot point anyway , as they have surely used the boxes and want a full refund of their monies. Even if this is done, I'm sure a favorable response to a survey, if even completed by them, would in no way show up!!! So, my friend, the only other thing that I an possibly relay to you at this point is for you yo treat your employees very fairly, thus ensuring their loyality, and your continuance in providing a superior product at a very reasonable price, and also a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for going GREEN and SAVING TREES and the Enviornment. Again, thank you and your team, I remain, Reade H. Belote P.S. at my age , I hope that this is the last time that I have to use your company!

- Order #313214 ()


- Order # ()

great containers that arrived incredibly fast

- Order #313216 

my son used your company and was happy with the results

- Order #313224 

I liked the free shipping and everything came very quickly. So far I have no complaints on the quality of the boxes.

- Order #313231 

Timely, cheap, sends everything I need in one package.

- Order #313249 

Great price, fast delivery, quality product!

- Order #313254 

They provided exactly what they said they would in the time indicated and in a reasonable price. I shopped around and did some comparison shopping and UsedCardboardBoxes.com had, by far, the better bang for your buck.

- Order #313256 

Delivery on time, quality products, good price

- Order #313257 

Boxes were clean and to me in a timely manner. I also like that packing tape was enclosed. Thanks.

- Order #313260 

Quick delivery and good quality of bozes

- Order #313272 

Delivered on time, contents as promised, clean, usable boxes in good condition.

- Order #313344 

Quality boxes shipped free and quickly.

- Order #312896 

Great product, great price

- Order #313078 

Love the recycling. Love the online presence. Wish more people knew about you. :]

- Order #313367 

Couldn't have been easier.

- Order #313375 

Great communication, timely delivery, and high quality products at reasonable prices. I have placed other orders for additional packing paper and will continue to order more moving supplies as I need them. This allows me to order the supplies as I need them without having to store them or pay too much up front. THANK YOU!!!!!

- Order #313408 

real value

- Order #313417 

Fast service along with the idea of helping the envrironment

- Order #313418 

The boxes arrive on time. They are in very good shape and, as you say, they saved us money and helped to save trees.

- Order #313477 

Good clean boxes, thanks !

- Order #313515 

Product in great condition, fast delivery, and no shipping charge. Made the move go so much smoother for me!

- Order #313553 (17)

The moving kit was very convenient, inexpensive, and gave us the warm-fuzzy feeling of recycling things that would otherwise have gone to waste.

- Order #313206 

great product. great service, Great price

- Order #313498 

Quick delivery, paid shipping costs, environmentally-friendly. Second time I've used you all, and I've already recommended you to friends a couple times. Great service!

- Order #313539 

Delivered boxes when you said you would.

- Order #313549 

Fast service and great product!

- Order #313561 

I LOVE the idea of recycling these boxes. Why pay for new ones when these boxes fit the bill so well? These boxes arrived in 2 days, looked unused, and even after I used them, still look great, as I wrote my contents on the tape, not the box. Great idea!

- Order #313581 

I like the reduce, reuse, recycle practice

- Order #313496 

Pleasant and knowledgeable phone service person,quick and convenient delivery, acceptable price,good product.

- Order #313608 

Low prices, free and fast shipping

- Order #313649 

Fast shipping, all inclusive packages.

- Order #313714 

Convenient & inexpensive!

- Order #313717 

Well structured website, affordable product, efficient payment options, delivered when scheduled I have already recommended it!

- Order #313381 

Easy, convenient, cheap and I feel like I'm helping the environment.

- Order #313744 

Prompt service, good price, well designed website

- Order #313770 

advertised very well

- Order #313797 

on time, product was as advertised.

- Order #313843 

quick shipping low price recycled boxes

- Order #313849 

efficient, fast, good quality

- Order #313644 

Good boxes, fast delivery.

- Order #313771 

Quick and easy, and recycled!

- Order #313779 

1-2 day delivery on time with tracking, so it's great for people in the city who usually cant get packages delivered at home. I knew when to be home because i knew when it would come. Website was also user friendly.

- Order #313871 

promptly send boxes, in good shape Cheaper than new.

- Order #313881 

They got my boxes here quickly and sent out moving quotes immediately. Also they included packing paper and other valuable things I needed for my move.

- Order #313901 

1) inexpensive! 2) green! 3) delivery when promised! 4) easy to order/determine sizes!

- Order #313951 

save trees :)

- Order #313967 

Good quality boxes for a lot less money, and FAST delivery! I live in the middle of nowhere (90 miles for anything so exotic as a Target), and the boxes were here the next day. The boxes are good. I've done many moves with professional movers, so I know good boxes. :)

- Order #314008 

Affordable, green, fast service, and NO SHIPPING charges, all were big factors.

- Order #314025 

Ordering was quick and easy, the kit was delivered within a couple of days, and the boxes are like new.

- Order #314038 

I have moved from California to Maryland and have used UsedCardboardBoxes.com three times in the last 3 yrs. The process is a breeze! Turn around time (deliver of product) is amazing when in a time crunch. The options are tailored for every need and size of move. I have recommended your services to numerous friends and all of them LOVE UsedcardBoxes.com Thank you.

- Order #313632 

My order was shipped promptly. Everything came as advertised. Very easy.

- Order #314058 

shipped quickly in great condition just what we needed for our daughter to move from NYC where it was difficult to obtain boxes using public transportation

- Order #313932 

The price and the easy fast shipments.

- Order #314036 

Everything was "as advertised." Quick shipping, complete contents, and good quality boxes. Great job.

- Order #314075 

Boxes arrived promptly. One was torn, but I contacted the company and they refunded the price of the box immediately. This is my second time using them, and the first time nothing was wrong with any of the boxes.

- Order #314136 

Timely delivery and the boxes were great - you made it cheap and easy!

- Order #314144 

I placed the order and then had my boxes within 48 hours. That was amazing. For being "used cardboard boxes", nearly all my small boxes are brand new!!! The ease and convenience of not racing from grocery store to grocery store in hopes of scoring boxes is priceless when packing for an out of state move!! The convenience is worth every cent. I probably didn't order enough boxes, so I may have to place another order shortly.

- Order #313996 

Perfect package of supplies, cost effective and time efficient. No time to run around and search for boxes when planning and preparing for a move.

- Order #314201 

easy to order, free shipping and quick shipping

- Order #314210 

Helpful, accurate estimate of boxes needed. Easy checkout. Shipped and received exactly as promised. Boxes in excellent shape. Thanks!

- Order #314207 

My order arrived quickly and was reasonably priced.

- Order #314219 

your prices are GREAT!! and the no shipping charges are wondeful!!! plus your service is quick..what more can you ask for?!!!!

- Order #314238 

Fast service and price

- Order #314118 

Great prices and service and such a great idea! I even posted on my FB page letting my friends know about your company.

- Order #314257 

Fast delivery, good prices, good boxes and bundles.

- Order #314279 

Boxes arrived within 48 hours as promised, were just the size I needed and the quality is topnotch.

- Order #314285 

Good pricing and ease of ordering/receiving my packing boxes.

- Order #314298 

Ypu shipped and delivered the boxes in a timely manner.

- Order #314305 

very good price, fast delivery, option of NOT having to sign for delivery - key.

- Order #314283 

green, and fantastic sturdy boxes as well as fast shipping!

- Order #314338 

The idea of saving trees.

- Order #314339 

Other than the fact that your organization takes great strides in saving the unneeded cutting of trees, the prices you ask for your products are also reasonable.

- Order #314390 

Price, delivery prompt, good quality.

- Order #314057 

Came right to my door a fraction o the cost of other boxes, except the used ones are recycled; which I love.

- Order #314414 

Quick delivery and boxes looked new

- Order #314443 

Cheap prices, free next-day shipping, the boxes are in great shape and the dimensions are excellent for packing.

- Order #314484 

Charged a fair price, sent boxes in a timely manner and boxes were in a very usable condition.

- Order #314482 

I liked that your boxes were clean, and well organized. I have a friend who owns a moving company and told him about your company so that he can recommend your products to his customers.

- Order #314518 

quick service, good product and very easy

- Order #314449 

An easy to use, informative website. Good communication once order was placed. Fast service. Quality product.

- Order #314454 

Provideed quality Boxes

- Order #314537 

Quick, reliable delivery of the product as promised.

- Order #314564 (17)

Almost next day delivery - no fuss. Everything I need to pack was included. Good estimate of the amount of boxes needed.

- Order #314598 (17)

I have used this website the past three times that I have moved. It is so convenient for someone with a busy schedule, and I also love that the boxes arrive so quickly.

- Order #314150 

The boxes came on time, undamaged, and with all the accessories. The boxes were high quality, solid cardboard that held up with our intensive move.

- Order #314550 

quick and free delivery. Good product.

- Order #314605 

The service staff were very organized and competent and everything arrived very quickly!!

- Order #314624 

Good price, amazingly clean boxes.

- Order #314629 

have bought from you many times, fast service and good quality boxes!

- Order #314637 

We used your services a couple of years ago (thinking I heard about you from a friend and found you via Google) and, as with this most recent order, the boxes arrived quickly, the variety in sizes is good, the boxes are in decent shape, and the wrapping paper and supplies are helpful. The 5% discount, albeit small, was appreciated (since every dollar counts, as always), and it was nice dealing with a person (Judy) rather than everything being computerized and impersonal.

- Order #314626 

Good quality, timely delivery.

- Order #314648 

Ease of ordering. Solid delivery. Quality boxes. Good price.

- Order #314651 

lived up to ALL expectations

- Order #314659 

Reasonable prices for excellent quality and quick delivery.

- Order #314661 

Prompt service and quality boxes

- Order #314668 

The merchandise is sturdy and easy to pack. What I like most is you include packing tape and markers which so many of us forget.It doesn't hurt either, there are no shipping charges to get the merchandise which is extremely rare these days.

- Order #314566 

The cheaper prices than other sites I had looked at as well as the fact that the boxes are recycled.

- Order #314689 

Easy ordering, fast shipping, feel good about reusing boxes.

- Order #314663 

Deliver on time and give options to check status of order

- Order #314719 

Quick, fast easy. Got me exactly what I needed.

- Order #314724 

Inexpensive and great quality used boxes.

- Order #314645 

Cheap, quick and easy. Showed up on time. Recycled boxes. Everything was great!

- Order #314788 

High quality product, reasonable prices, fast shipping

- Order #314791 

I love this company's philosophy and efficient ways.

- Order #314794 

shipping free and speedy, boxes in like new condition, added packing materials, what else could I ask for.

- Order #314797 

Made it very simple and convenient for our needs. This is the 2nd time we have used your products and have been very happy each time.

- Order #314798 

Delivered exactly what I needed when promised at reasonable cost.

- Order #314838 

Fast delivery-good price-good product

- Order #314843 

Provided a good selection of boxes, all in very good condition, and delivered in a very timely fashion. I like the fact these boxes are being reused and are saving trees. And I appreciated the opportunity to buy a couple of new trees with my order.

- Order #314045 

Gotr my boxes there on time and packed them nicely. Promptness is key!

- Order #314873 

easy to order, shipped quickly

- Order #314893 

Fast delivery, excellent product and highly competitive pricing.

- Order #314907 

Excellent price and on time delivery.

- Order #314908 

Supply a good product at a good price, promptly, with no hassle.

- Order #314954 

Zero problems, fast and easy

- Order #314919 

Prompt service, good quality cartons, much lower in price than competitors

- Order #314991 

recycle boxes

- Order #314927 

Affordable and fast delivery.

- Order #315036 

They were well made boxes, in excellent condition, and the fact that you sent newsprint, extra tape and a dispenser along with cutting tools was what really cinched it.

- Order #314904 

quick delivery, great prices, and most of all, I like the concept of recycling perfectly good boxes

- Order #315087 

Even though UPS incorrectly routed the package (it was only 1 extra day), the delivery & packaging were very good & the boxes were in excellent condition. We would recommend you highly & use you again. It really beats routing through the supermarket for old, messy boxes.

- Order #315093 

Good boxes and fast shipping. I love it. THank you.

- Order #314937 

excellent product, price and quick shipment

- Order #315113 

Very easy&practical. Perfect for the busy professional. Good pricing.

- Order #315114 

Competitive pricing, package arrived quickly and included everything needed for a move (tape dispensers, wrapping paper, etc.).

- Order #315094 

Quick, easy, inexpensive...

- Order #311702 

quick turn-around from the time I ordered to the time it ended up on my door. No shipping fees.

- Order #314512 

boxes were less expensive then uhaul, they arrived when they were supposed to, they were in great shape

- Order #315118 

delivered boxes as stated and in a short period of time.

- Order #315154 

Reasonably priced, and I really liked that it came with the packing paper and moving tape etc. To be honest I didn't read the fine print well enough to know that I was getting those things, and I was stressing out about where I was going to get the unprinted packing paper. Really nice to have a whole moving kit in a box. I have already recommended you to several people.

- Order #315157 

Great price, fast shipping and it's great to be able to reuse boxes.

- Order #315159 

Great value and boxes are in excellent condition.

- Order #315161 

Good quality, low price, quick shipping

- Order #315175 

Qaulity Boxes delivered quickly

- Order #315182 

Mostly it is just what you do - reusing and reducing waste. Plus your guarantee that they are good solid boxes. It is much easier to find and choose supplies than running all over town begging for boxes. Free shipping sealed the deal.

- Order #315171 

prompt delivery of boxes ordered, good quality boxes.

- Order #315187 

It's just so incredibly convenient to have all the moving supplies shipped to your home and the prices are really reasonable, and the boxes are all in really great condition.

- Order #315191 

Fair pricing, prompt service, ease of placing orders online, fast and free shipping, variety of products offered, ecology-minded company, moving resources options available.

- Order #315210 

Affordable, Fast, and the boxes were in good condition.

- Order #315215 

Price and prompt delivery

- Order #315212 

Price and timeliness - liked the ability to track the package

- Order #315214 

Very quick process and we did help to save a tree.

- Order #315249 

Very prompt service, boxes came in 2 days

- Order #315169 

The simple fact that you use recycled boxes is wonderful! I wish I could send them back to you when I am finished. Just wish you had recycled wardrobes as well....and I already recommended you to someone!!!

- Order #315248 

Fast response, free shipping

- Order #315254 

User friendly website, reasonable prices and fast delivery.

- Order #315264 

Executed a great concept well at a reasonable price. This is my second time using your boxes for a move -- I recommend you to all of my friends now.

- Order #315265 

Great product, quick shipping, convenient packages, and we greatly appreciate that we're recycling.

- Order #315269 

It's very easy to order. Moving kits had everything I needed. Compared to other website, I could get same thing at 40~50%off. UsedCardboardBoxes.com saved my time, money, and saving trees part makes me feel good too!

- Order #315283 

boxes develered the day before they were due.

- Order #315290 

Ease of ordering, speedy delivery, and the boxes are in great shape

- Order #315303 

Timely delivery and sturdy boxes.

- Order #315349 

Great Products, Nice website, fast shipping....enough said!

- Order #315300 (17)

The business model and customer service topped off with extremely competitive pricing and free shipping sealed the deal.

- Order #315359 (17)

Inexpensive and quick delivery

- Order #315382 

Easy to use website, fair prices, and fast delivery. Everything went smoothly and the boxes arrived when you said they would.

- Order #315408 

Provided excellent service.

- Order #315353 

Good product and delivery service

- Order #315379 

fair pricing and quick shipment.

- Order #315421 

Easy website, reasonably good value, delivered incredibly fast, got exactly what we needed.

- Order #315423 

It is what I expected. Good price. Delivered on time. And reuse of cardboxes eliminating waste.

- Order #315404 

prompt service and execelent boxes

- Order #315413 

quick service, good product

- Order #315417 

Speedy, FREE delivery; boxes were brand new. Well packaged. Great price.

- Order #315430 

I would highly recommend the boxes, because mine arrived in great condition and the shipping was extremely fast. The price beat other companies, but I still think, no matter where the boxes come from, that they are a little on the high side for just being cardboard boxes. Regardless, I will suggest usedcardboardboxes.com to anyone I knowing looking for a good deal on boxes. Thank you for processing my order so quickly...that helps a lot!

- Order #315435 

Prepared a great deal that made moving much easier.

- Order #315446 

Cost and speed of delivery

- Order #315448 

Prompt delivery, exact order, quality product

- Order #315388 

It was very convient to have everything you need delivered in one package. Especially when you live in a city, and have no car.

- Order #315462 

arrived the next day.. good price for the quality. A great idea for a business. I just went on line by typed in used moving boxes. Saves time and money.

- Order #315555 

ease of ordering , quick on time delivery

- Order #315472 

User friendly website. Sent link to track delivery and just the fact that your company is doing their part for the enviroment.

- Order #315513 

Prompt and efficient service.

- Order #315545 

What you promised!

- Order #315490 

It was easy, affordable and you reuse boxes instead of cutting down trees!

- Order #315584 

Easy website to navigate, great prices, fast delivery, and most importantly---good product.

- Order #315588 

fast, easy, cost effective and "green"

- Order #315592 

Delivered cheap boxes quickly.

- Order #315607 

fast service

- Order #315613 

What I ordered arrived in the promised time, and the promised time was only a few days from the time I ordered. I was impressed with how quickly the merchandise arrived. Also, although they were called used boxes they looked almost new. Thank you

- Order #315623 

Good quality boxes. Timely shipping service with the tracking. And 30% cheaper than U-Haul. Also the grocery stores are greedy with their boxes and wouldn't let me pick them up like they used to. So I'm glad I found your website.

- Order #315644 

the boxes were easy to receive and in excellent condition. a great idea overall!

- Order #315672 

Boxes arrived extremely quickly. The supplies included - tape gun, tape, markers, box cutters - were very very helpful. All boxes were in perfect or nearly perfect shape. The fact that I saved money and also some trees was a welcome feeling!

- Order #315194 

Easy, cheap and right on time. Couldn't have asked for a more simple way to get moving boxes!

- Order #315682 

Love the fact that the boxes are sized out and the different sizes match....good for stacking. Very prompt delivery. Boxes are tough and re-useable which I like. I most likely will put the boxes on Craigslist and give away to someone needing boxes. Go Green!

- Order #315689 

Speedy delivery, great quality and free tape! Great price and

- Order #315729 

prompt service, good packaging, no problems

- Order #315685 

It was easy and on time. The boxes are in great shape (so far). I didn't want to dumpster drive at our local food mart or home improvement store. This was the answer I was looking for - clean and recycled.

- Order #315667 

easy to order and they came in just a few days

- Order #315710 

This is the 2nd time I've used your boxes and I will never, ever buy new boxes again!

- Order #315836 

When I had a issue with the order is was taken care of in prompt and timely manner and when I ordered the boxes they came the next day.. Keep up the great job!!!

- Order #315847